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Stelrad Vertex and Style Vertical Radiators

For applications where wall space is at a premium, the Stelrad Vertex and Style Vertical Radiators are the answer. Height rather than width provides the equivalent heating performance to the standard model.

Available in two styles; Vertex and Style Vertical Radiators are available in two heights; 1800mm (72”) and 2200mm (86”)and two length, 300mm (12”) and 400mm (16”). These stylish radiators provide an innovative option.

Download in-depth product brochure including sizes, rough-in specs and technical data. (Version Française)

Please Note: All Stelrad Radiators must be installed on a closed system. Radiators that are heated by outside wood boilers and installed WITHOUT A HEAT EXCHANGER ARE NOT ON A CLOSED SYSTEM. Warranty will be voided if installed on this type of system. Applies to all models.

Vertex product photo
Vertex Vertical Radiator
Style Vertical product photo
Style Vertical Radiator